Emotional Intelligence

Do you know what emotional intelligence is? Not to be confused with intellectual intelligence, this is a person’s potential to be mindful of and manage their emotions, as well as identify and respond to other people’s emotions. Working on your emotional intelligence can strengthen both your personal and professional relationships. This is also known as your emotional quotient or EQ.

One of the components of having a high EQ is mindfulness. You must be able to identify your emotions and other’s emotions throughout the day and choosing to only focus on the positive. This approach is part of what is now referred to as positive psychology. This division of psychology focuses on how to help people work on actions, behaviors and thoughts that will help them to prosper and live the best life that they can. Studies have shown that showing gratitude towards others and performing acts of kindness can boost your happiness. Being happy can also help with your health, as happier people tend to have healthier hearts and stronger immune systems.

There are various ways that you can study more about boosting your EQ and the positive side of psychology. There are several books on both topics. There are exercises you can practice that will help you promote positive psychology. There are inspirational lectures and talks that you can attend either in person or online.  Furthermore, several online outlets as well as colleges provide online classes and courses on these topics. Most of these courses can be taken free of charge.

San Diego Salsa Dancing



Dancing has been a popular form of art since centuries; most people enjoy dancing while they are with someone. What type of dance would be ideal if you are with your loved ones? Well, the answer is simple, none other than salsa dancing. It is the best form of dancing for beginners or if you are with a date because it doesn’t require an extensive amount of knowledge to do the steps properly.


Lately, there has been a lot of hype around San Diego Salsa dancing, as myriads of people would get together and enjoy dancing together. It is a really fun activity, especially if you are getting cramped up sitting inside your house and you just want to go out and have fun and meet new people along the way. You don’t have to go to your local bar every weekend with your friends and get wasted; you will be regretting it the next morning when you will wake up with a hangover.


You can just go and dance your shoes off and burn some calories along the way. Salsa dancing is also a great exercise for your mind and your body; you get so zoned in the dancing that you get surprised about the energy your body is providing. If you want to learn salsa dancing like a professional, then you can take help of Dance Lessons at DanceUs.org. After that, you will be able to enjoy dancing more, since you know all the right moves.

Build Your Own Defender

Myriads of people have this thinking that if they get an old car, it might not work as good, and it’ll break down when you’re in middle of your road trip. No one wants to be stuck in middle of nowhere, and praying to God for a miracle in shape of a mechanic. However, that only happens when you don’t have your old car properly customized. Land Rover Defender is one of those classical cars that has huge demand in the market, despite being decades old.

You don’t need a Land Rover Defender Specialist to tell you about all the customization you can do with your Defender. It is a powerful ride and it can be luxurious ride as well, if you consult a professional. If you’re planning on buying a Land Rover Defender and fully customizing it, then it is time for you to introduce Xerbera in your life. If you don’t know much about Xerbera then you have to the right place.

Xerbera is considered to be the best in Land Rover Defender customization. They have been actively providing exceptional services of transforming the old Defender models into something that’d make you never buy a new car. If you want to know more about Xerbera, then it is advised to pay a visit to their website. If you have your own ideas for the customization, then with the help of Xerbera you can now Build Your Own Defender. They know everything you need to know about Defender.

Paid to Click

More and more people are looking for ways to make money online these days. Some work from home as a full-time job and some simply look for ways to make a little side cash in addition to their day job. Some choose to do freelance work in areas like graphic and web design and writing. Others choose to find easier ways to earn money, that don’t require much skill or training. One such way is through paid to click sites.

The website Clixsense offers you several ways to easily earn money online. The first way you can earn is through taking surveys. The site will match you up with surveys from other sites. You can also make money through completing offers and tasks such as joining other websites, listening to music, downloading apps, entering contests and doing online searches. Some of these tasks and offers only pay a few cents and some of them pay in dollar amounts. Many of them have bonus offers as well. Lastly, you can earn money through referring friends to the website. After they join, you can make as much as 30 percent off their earnings.

All you need to make money through the website is a computer and an internet connection. Then you can join the site and get busy earning. The site was created in 2007 and has awarded its members over 36 million dollars. You can get it in on the earnings, too. Sign up on the site and get busy earning today!   

Adore Hair Color

If you are looking for top quality beauty and hair products but aren’t interested in paying an arm and a leg for them, you may want to consider shopping for them online. Shop Beauty Town is an exclusive online beauty store that offers hair color, hair treatments, clay masks, and so much more. And their prices are hard to beat. Some of their products are only $0.99. Most of their products are less than $10. They also provide free shipping for orders over $20. A discount is offered to those who sign up for their email list. Finally, if you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

One of their top selling products is the Adore Hair Color. This hair color is semi-permanent, is vegan and has not been tested on animals. Furthermore, it is also free of chemicals, like ammonia and peroxide. It has been tested by stylists and is a trusted brand among them. There are over 20 fun shades to choose from. If you want to be traditional, they have shades like darkest brown, sierra brown, jet black and off black. If you want to be a little bolder, they have many bright shades, including: electric lime, indigo blue, neon pink, orange blaze and rich eggplant.

Another customer favorite is their Wild Growth Hair Growth Oil. This oil is used on dead hair that has been broken, damaged or is thinning out. The oil prevents further hair damage and promotes longer and thicker hair growth.



Very few people look forward to moving. Sure, they probably get excited about moving to a bigger house or to a new city. But hardly anyone gets excited about the actual moving process. In fact, it can be downright frustrating. Many people hire moving companies to help them move. But that can also add to your stress. Some of the companies charge outrageous prices to help their customers move. And once you do hire someone to help you move, can you really trust them? Will they handle your things carefully?



The team at ABC Movers understands that hiring movers should not be a hassle. That is why they have built their reputation on being one of the most dependable and trusted companies in California. They have been in business for over a decade now and have expanded their coverage to eighteen others states besides California. Besides being affordable and dependable, ABC Movers employees are also known for their professionalism and customer loyalty. The customer truly does come first with this company. They will work with you to make sure your move goes without difficulties and is as stress-free as possible.



Whether you are moving fifteen minutes or fifteen hours away, ABC Movers helps with both local moves and long-distance moves. Also, if it is a business that you will be moving, they assist with commercial moves. They also have storage units available for rent, if you are need of one those. They can be rented out for days, or months if needed.






Do you like receiving coupons and discount offers to local businesses? If you weren’t familiar with these businesses or not already using them, would a coupon or discount entice you to visit? If you live in the city of Madera, Madera County or the Chowchilla area, there is coupon magazine mailed out in the winter, spring, summer and fall of each year that features coupons and special offers for businesses in your area. It is called the Madera Values Quarterly.


After many years of planning and testing, the top mail carrier routes of Madera CA were identified and more than 27,000 homes along these routes receive copies of the magazine. Additionally, another 2,000 copies can be found in businesses in the same area. Therefore, if you don’t receive one of the mailouts, it’s likely you can still get one by visiting a participating business.


The magazine was created almost a decade ago, and many of the business owners who participate have been using it since its creation or shortly after. A professional graphic artist designs the magazine, which is in full color. The cost for businesses to place a coupon or special offer in the magazine is not much, with most of them making up for it in the business that the magazine brings in. Most of the businesses featured are small and independently owned. Local businesses who participate in the magazine include: Banquet Hall and Mary’s Garden, Bloom Garden Supply and Hydroponics, Country Club Smog Check, D.R. Drilling, G. Belle Leather Works and La Casa de Ceramica.

Korean Beauty Box



Korean beauty products, also called K-beauty products, are becoming quite the trend in the United States. Partially because Koreans are known for their seemingly flawless skin, and their skincare products are natural and designed to help your skin look its best naturally, without makeup. K-beauty products also come in super cute packaging. If you are unsure of where to purchase K-beauty products or would rather sample them before buying a full-size product, you might want to consider a Korean beauty box subscription, like Sooni Pouch.



Sooni Pouch has three different beauty subscription boxes that you can subscribe to monthly to stay up to date with the newest K-beauty products and fall in love with some cult favorites as well. The three available subscriptions are the Sooni Mask pouch, the Sooni Mini pouch and the Sooni Pouch. The Mask pouch consists of, you guessed it, beauty masks! You get six of the finest K-beauty masks for $9.99. The Mini pouch contains between six to eight sample or full-size beauty products for $19.99. The Sooni Pouch subscription values at over $100, but you only pay $35.99 a month. With this subscription you get between ten to twelve sample or full-size K-beauty products. You can subscribe to any of the Sooni pouch boxes on a monthly basis, or you can pay for three months at a time. If you are a first-time subscriber and you get a three-month subscription, your first box will come with freebies, no matter which box you subscribe to.

Buy Teak Furniture Online



Is your patio furniture outdated or falling apart? Is it time for an upgrade? Teak outdoor furniture is becoming one of the top choices for outdoor furniture because it is comfortable, durable and stylish. Teak wood has a high resistance to weather wear and does not require a lot of maintenance. When not treated, teak wood weathers to a silver-gray color. Treating it with teak oil will help preserve the woods golden honey color. Using a sealer will help protect the wood from weather wear. Cleaning your furniture regularly will help prevent both treated and untreated wood from discoloration. Teak furniture can cost more than furniture made of other materials, but teak ages slower than other materials so it is worth the extra. However, you can find great deals on teak furniture at places like Teak Closeouts.



If you are looking to buy teak furniture online, this closeout store has some of the best teak furniture prices that you will be able to find, online or otherwise. Most of their pieces are 40 to 50 percent off the original price, and some pieces are more than 50 percent off. If you want a teak bench for your backyard, or a teak lounger for your deck they have you covered. If you would rather have a patio set, they have those too. Keep in mind when shopping online that closeout stores will often not be able to restock an item once it sells out, as their inventory will sometimes run in low quantities.




If you are into weightlifting or if you know someone that is, you probably know that many serious weightlifters may take performance enhancers or supplements to boost their weight loss, muscle gain and strength. A lot of these products are made from unsafe ingredients and have harmful side effects. Some side effects can even can long term or permanent damage. Do not worry though, there are safe alternatives available. Crazy Bulk is a natural supplement line that is designed to enhance your results, whether you are bulking, cutting or trying to build strength. Their supplements are made of natural ingredients and do not have negative side effects like nausea and stomach cramping, muscle cramps and unnecessary weight gain or bloating. If you are interested in trying Crazy Bulk products then read Crazy Bulk review and find out what others have achieved while using their supplements before you try the products yourself.


The Crazy Bulk line has products that will help enhance the results of the different bodybuilding phases. If you are currently cutting down or trying to get rid of excess body fat these supplements help melt that fat away. If you are building up muscle, or bulking, they can help maximize your gains. If you are happy with weight loss and are maintaining your muscle gains and are working on building up strength, these products help cut down on muscle recovery time and boost your energy to get you in the gym more often building up that strength. These supplements won’t work alone, they are intended to be coupled with a healthy diet and weight lifting.

Leased Line Costs



It’s really common to have office branches in different locations. Well, in such situations one of the most important problems that everyone faces is regarding the connectivity between all the office branches. To solve this kind of a problem you always you can contact local service providers but it might waste a lot of time and bandwidth as well. To make sure you do not have to pay for the extra bandwidth used or you do not lose a lot of time, you can go for the leased lines.



Once you get the leased line, you will certainly not regret your decision. With a smooth connectivity in your office network your employees are surely going to enjoy a fast data transfer experience. With the leased lines, you will have nothing to worry about even if you are trying to send over large media files to another location. You will be able to use the lines as much as you want to get a better connectivity and a better and faster data transfer facility with no usage bar at all.


Normally leased lines are available as private connections so, whatever bandwidth is assigned to you, your office will be able to use that bandwidth as per the requirement and it will become a lot easy to transfer large files over the network without any problem at all. Apart from all these benefits, the Leased Line Costs are comparatively low as well, which makes it a lot easier for you to save money with ease even if you have multiple office at different locations.