Acoustic Guitar Strings Online




The Colourful Acoustic Guitar Strings (Nickel-Plated Ball-Ends) by Alice, regularly priced at $25.76 is now available at an over fifty percent discount, only for $12.86 at Strings on Guitar This set contains four color coated, copper alloy strings in red, green, yellow, and blue. In addition, two stainless steel strings in their natural color are also included. All of the six strings on the set are rust resistant and their ball ends are nickel plated to finish off the look. Colored strings on guitar are a great way to help novices and students learn faster and easier to play the guitar. It is a mnemonic technique that helps students and teachers associate specific colors with sounds to make it easier for young learners or those without a previous musical background. Do not think that a colorful look precludes a crystal clear and consistent sound. The Colourful Acoustic Guitar Strings (Nickel-Plated Ball-Ends) by Alice offers high quality strings for your guitar. This guarantees an excellent sound. The colorful and unique look is just an added aesthetic plus to make for an interesting and unique look.


Buy your acoustic guitar strings online. Visit their website and you will be sure to find just the right type of strings for your guitar. Plus find more equipment for better sound – like the best wah wah pedal in case you have the electric guitar. No matter your needs, their extensive catalog almost guarantees that they will have whatever it is you are looking for. Their customer service and speedy delivery will surely have you coming back to buy from them anytime you need new strings for your guitar.