Bathroom Remodeling



If you enjoy cooking (or eating!) and spend a lot of time in your kitchen then you probably also spend a lot of time thinking about what you dream kitchen looks like. Current trends favour bold vibrant colours, colour contrasts, mixed textures and an industrial feel, but whatever grand design you have in mind, getting rid of a dated, mismatched or just not to your taste kitchen can be an overwhelming undertaking.


One idea to completely change the look and feel of your kitchen is to replace the work surfaces, adding in a premium worktop such as granite or Corian can transform the whole kitchen and give it an opulent designer feel, however this comes with a designer price tag. A more budget friendly option is to resurface your existing countertops – so retain the underlying structure but completely envelope them in a brand-new stone-like coating for a small fraction of the cost of complete replacement. This is also a great option if your Kitchen Countertops are simply becoming worn or are damaged, since cracks, chips and dents can all be covered up making your worktops look like new. The same technique can be applied to any other kitchen or bathroom surfaces such as tiling, sinks or vanity counters.


Many people do not enjoy having home renovations done as the mess and constant trampling in and out of workmen can be extremely disruptive. If you choose to resurface your kitchen worksurfaces rather than replace them you will find one benefit is that the entire process can be done very quickly, taking less than one day and with your worktops fully dry and ready to use again within 24 hours. The process is relatively simply, but a skilled craftsman is recommended to ensure a super smooth finish. First the surfaces to be treated should be prepared by removing any dust, dirt or residue and sanding them back. Any chips or cracks can be filled at this stage and changes made to the work surface profile such as adding a rounded or bevelled lip. Meanwhile any areas that you do not want to treat should be taped up and thoroughly protected. Once this is done a three-part epoxy primer is applied before the chosen StoneFlecks coating is sprayed evenly over, followed by a final glossy top coat. All three coats work together to harden and provide a super tough and durable work surface.


The formulation was reportedly original developed for interspace satellites, so you can imagine how hard-wearing, heat resistant and well made it really is. As a guarantee to its longevity, Renew Resurfacing issues a 5-year limited warranty to all kitchen resurface installations.


For all your Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling needs, contact Renew Resurfacing, a family owned local Omaha business with expertise in updating your counter tops. The owners, husband and wife, Jim and Candy work side by side combining their craftsmanship and interior design knowledge and experience to put complete customer satisfaction at the heart of their business.