Beverly Hills Newborn Photographer



Welcoming a new beautiful baby into your family, whether it is your own child, or a new family member is always an exciting and joyful event, full of surprises and changes for your whole family. It is certainly a moment to celebrate and preserve for many years to come. Surely, there will be many pictures taken by everyone  in the family, as well as videos to relive the moment over and over, but nothing is better than hiring the services of  a professional photographer, specializing in photographing newborns that is able to produce high quality pictures in a safe, sensitive, and comfortable environment. If you would like to find the most qualified and experienced Los Angeles Newborn Photographer, you need not look any further than the team behind love me silly, a professional photography studio dedicated to newborn photography sessions.


The team behind love me silly is formed by a husband and wife with a toddler of their own, so you can be sure they have the first hand expertise required to handle such a delicate creature as your newborn is. In addition to this, they also have a great deal of professional experience acquired through hundreds of newborn photography sessions, all with magnificent results and high quality images that you would be proud to display in your own home. At love me silly, the best Beverly Hills Newborn Photographer studio, you can be sure the comfort of your baby will reign supreme without sacrificing the quality of the images.