Car Simulator



A Driving Training Simulator is a serious piece of kit found in modern driving schools, which combines sophisticated virtual reality software emulating a driving environment, a virtual driving instructor, a driving training course and hardware and driving controls. Together these give a realistic simulation of the physical act of driving a car, allowing you to practice and build up the automation skills necessary to drive safely. Importantly the software is also programmed to cover all the real-world abilities you would need to pass a driving test including: traffic participation, safety awareness, observation and scanning, and driving in special conditions such as adverse weather or at night-time.


A more frivolous use of a Car Simulator is as an arcade racing game, either one or two players sit in racing seats with vehicle controls and monitor displays to compete in a speed lap. And on the other end of the scale driving or car simulators can be used in serious medical and psychological research. For example, testing effects of pharmacological agents, peer pressures or different types of distraction on driving ability, decision making and risk taking. Virtual environments are particularly well suited to these types of behavioural experiments as the scenario variables can be closely controlled and repeated exactly. Another worthy use of car simulators is in a clinical setting. Carnetsoft car simulation software can be modified with specific scenarios coded in order to assess and treat a number of different diagnosis such as phobias, behavioural and personality disorders, and degenerative neurological conditions.