Causes of Water Pollution



Most people today have at least a basic level of awareness about the many environmental issues humanity currently faces and the grim future outlook should we not do something drastic about it today. One of the worst and most pressing issues we face today concerns the astounding levels of water pollution and depletion of water sources. As everyone knows, water is basic for the survival of most forms of life, so if we continue contaminating our most vital resource, our own survival is at stake as a species. What most people do not realize is that the main causes of water pollution stem from our day to day activities and the lives we have grown accustomed to. It is estimated that around fourteen billion tons of garbage are dumped into the open sea every year. Most of this debris is composed of plastic, a material that take many years to degrade and disappear. Clearly, there is something that we could do about it.

Just to begin with, if you would like to do something about out environmental problems, one easy thing to try is to begin reducing the amount of plastic used in your day to day activities. For instance, take a reusable tote or bag when you go grocery shopping and avoid plastic bags. In addition to this, recycling is a great idea to reduce your plastic consumption.

Gardening can also be another way to help the environment. It is easy and relatively inexpensive, as you only need a few basic tools used for gardening.