Cheap Web Hosting



Did you know that it is possible to find 1 Dollar Webhosting? Yes, that is right. True inexpensive web hosting is possible. This is particularly relevant if you have multiple websites or are thinking about starting one, you surely have come across different web hosting service providers and their widely varying rates. But none can compete with ai Cheap Web Hosting in terms of quality and prices. All you need to do is shop around a little and compare prices and services to come to the conclusion that this company is the best choice.


At ai Cheap Web Hosting you get the best quality of service and twenty four hour a day, seven days a week support to ensure that your website is running smoothly and without complications. With ai Cheap Web Hosting your data is secured, as this company provide data backup, protection and disaster recovery, to cover all possibilities of data loss.

So, what does one dollar per month for web hosting can get you, you may ask? Well, just to give you a general idea, for one dollar a month you get five Databases, five FTO accounts, one POP3 account, up to ten email accounts, relational database support, an automated website builder, and a lot more. But if you feel like you would like to have a little more comprehensive services, you can always to choose to buy another one of their multiple packages on offer. Consider for example their business packages, for just five dollars per month, which includes, among other things, a free domain and unlimited addon domains.