Cheapest Dumbbells




Whilst you might typically think of strength training as being only for bodybuilders and macho men at the local gym, it’s becoming increasingly popular across all demographics and sports as a fantastic way to boost all over fitness, core strength, flexibility and even mental health. Strength training, along with a nutritionally balanced diet, is also advocated for healthy weight loss, since increasing muscle mass is a proven method of increasing your metabolic rate. The wonderful thing about strength training is that it is accessible to anyone. You really don’t need any fancy equipment, a pricey gym membership or any expensive trainers. You can even train from the comfort of your own home with just a set of cheap dumbbells and access to a world of fitness trainers and free workout videos via the internet. If you are looking to get started for the minimum cost and need to find the Cheapest Dumbbells, then the website ‘expensive cheapest’ is a great resource to find recommendations from online stores.


Some ways that you can use dumbbells are to build up your endurance, add resistance to aerobic training and target specific muscle groups with lifts such as rows, bench presses, shoulder presses, tricep extensions and weighted lunges. Free weights such as dumbbells also offer advantages over static weights such as barbells or gym machines since you are also working on your balance and stability when lifting, which uses muscles all over your body and especially in your core. Whatever sport or exercise you prefer, adding in a session of strength training can help boost your endurance, strength and ability and provide you with a better overall fitness level. This all-around fitness is proven to be beneficial in preventing injury and is at the heart of many fitness programs such as HIIT training, CrossFit and Tabara.



All these benefits can be had with even the Cheapest set of dumbbells such as those made from neoprene or vinyl. You should just be aware that these materials are slightly less durable and weighty than the higher quality rubber-encased dumbbells. This shouldn’t be an issue for most uses but if you require heavier weights for explosive lifts or are likely to be dropping your weights from a great height then they are more likely to sustain damage. Whichever material you choose, look for a hex shaped dumbbell with an ergonomic grip handle. Check whether the dumbbells are sold individually, in pairs or as part of a set and consider if you require a stand or some other kind of storage. If you are new to strength training, it is worth considering purchasing a value set with a range of lighter to heavier options so that you can increase the weight gradually. Alternatively, you might look at buying a single set and then adding further weights as you need.


Whatever your diet and fitness goals, be sure to back up your training plan with a healthy diet ensuring you are getting plenty of protein to rebuild your muscles.