Chicago Travel Influencer



Planning a holiday or vacation needs a lot of preparations. The very first thing that needs to be done is decide on the place where you would like to vacation this holiday. Whether you are willing to go on a short vacation all alone or want to enjoy a fairly long vacation with your friends and family, choosing the place where you want to vacation is a very important decision. The place must be such that it will be able to offer you exactly what you are looking for during the vacation. If you are looking for some solitude and peace of mind away from the humdrum of life, you might go to a pristine island for your vacation. If you are looking for some and adventure, you need to choose a place that will be able to offer you the same.


In short, the location must be chosen after much deliberation. This will not only include the type of vacation that you are looking for, but also various other factors like travel time, budget, accommodation, best time to visit, sightseeing and a lot more. In order to make these decisions, you will need to gather correct information about all these things and only then will you be able to arrive at a wise decision. Earlier, this was usually done by asking for references from people you knew or from magazines and newspapers. Then, a time came when people used to search online on various websites that offered information about the place and then take a decision. However, things have changed a lot and people today mostly depend on the social media and travel experts who share valuable knowledge and experience pertaining to different tourist places across the world and they serve as inspiration and guidance for those who are planning a vacation or trip of their own. Travel influencers, as they are called, are the modern age travel guides, who help people with very bit of information and guidance that they may need for planning their trip. Emilia is a popular Chicago Travel Influencer and she has traveled to different parts of the world with family and friends.


Right from talking about her experiences in Chicago to her vibrant and joyful experiences during her visits to different cities and island of the world, Emilia has described it all in her website. Her writings are elaborate and lucid which means that you will have no trouble gathering the information that you need. Not only that, as she talks vividly about her experiences, you will also be able to easy comprehend the type of experience that you would be having on your trip to a particular place. In her website Bubbly Moments, she not only talks about her experiences and things that you must do while visiting a particular place, but she also suggests different facilities or amenities that you must use in order to make your visit hassle-free and memorable. So, if you are planning a holiday, don’t forget to check out her website before deciding on your next vacation destination.