Chasing up utility companies, contacting your local council or trying to complain about faulty goods are all tedious tasks made all the worse by old fashioned, clunky and frustrating telephone PBX systems. We all know the type, endless asking questions which never quite fit the reason for your call and sending your around in circles as you wait to be connected to a real human person. It doesn’t have to be this way though, nowadays having a modern, technological advance telephone switch or Conmutador system with a professional and courteous pre-recorded operator is quick to implement and actually cost effective with cloud based or virtual telephone networks.



If you weren’t familiar with the term PBX, it is an acronym that stands for Private Branch System and refers to the internet telephone network within a company. This is what connects the phones of all employees within a business without having to go through an outside line, a private network allows for everyone to call each other for free and even join into internal conference calls for no extra cost. In order for external callers to be directed through the PBX though a series of Conmutadores switches are used to route calls quickly even through a global network. Originally this would have been limited by infrastructure, but not that a virtual network can fill in the gaps, a single number can route to anywhere in the world. All you have to do is press 1 for sales, 2 for aftercare, and so on!


Using cloud or virtual providers it has never been easier to outsource your telephone communications network. As an added bonus with a dedicated PBX cloud service you can make a huge saving over buying your own infrastructure and also employing staff to oversee and maintain the installation and running of the telephone network. With a virtual PBX system, you don’t need to change your telephone provider or any of your telephone numbers, with just a simple to install IP switch in each location to be connected you can connected in minutes. You can even connect to non-wired phones, mobiles, tablets and computers. There are further benefits too; better security, more reliable, easy to manage and flexibility. Being able to connect your entire company, across branches, satellite offices, home against and even travelling appointments is an obvious benefit to improve communication, productivity and boost to company growth.


There are many PBX service providers but one that stands above the rest is Cloud Call for their value for money no fixed term service contracts. Offering a multitude of additional advanced and enhanced features that other companies charge a premium for. They have a hard-working team of client relationship managers to ensure that activation of your new system goes smoothly and continues to run without hitch. They even will provide, free of charge, voice recording for your telephone answering and PBX service using your choice of professional voice recording artist. – they have so many to choose from cover all common language and a range of accents, genders and ages to suit your customer profile.