Custom Home Builders in Seattle



If you are located in the Seattle area and about to embark in a remodeling project for your current home, whether it is a small project or a larger renovating job, even more so if you are building a new home, you need a reliable and knowledgeable team of Seattle home builders to carry out your project. After all, this is the home you will be inhabiting, and it must be absolutely perfect and in accordance to your need and aesthetic expectations, but also attainable and within your budget. In this combination, with most contractors and builders, one of the two elements fail, except for if you are going to buy a home in Sea Pines maybe, – and in some cases even both elements fail.

Typically, you might need to sacrifice your dream home for the sake of your finances or the other way around and in the worst case scenario, you end up sacrificing both! Would it not be great if you did not have to do without either one?

This is why we recommend going directly with the best rated custom home builders in Seattle by their previous clients. In fact, they are so highly regarded that most of their clients come to them through referrals from past clients! And with good reason because Benton Development Inc. has even been awarded with the excellence in remodeling award from the Master Builders Association. Just ask around about them to your friends or anyone who has recently undergone a remodeling or building project in their Seattle area home, they will give you a glowing review.