Dean Myerow



Are your children clamoring for a dog? Do you want to provide them with the unique experience of having a dog while growing up? Are you a little bit hesitant about the added responsibilities of caring for a dog on top of your already busy schedule? Then perhaps you should consider the Goldendoodle.



The result of crossing a standard golden retriever with a poodle, the Goldendoodle dog breed is both mild mannered, goofy, playful, and the perfect companion for children. In addition to this, they do not shed, so this saves your home and your clothes from being covered in dog hair all of the time.


Dean Myerow and his newly launched website dedicated entirely to the Goldendoodle dog breed is a great resource to consider when making a decision on the best dog to have as a pet for your family. This is an important decision that comes with great responsibility. By adding a dog to your home, you are bringing a new member of the family that will forge deep relationships with everyone living at home for many years to come. This also entails specific requirements to make sure your dog is healthy, well balanced, happy, and lives a long and happy life. So, before you make a decision, allow us to highly recommend visiting the website by Dean Myerow because we are confident it will give you very useful information and tips on the specific characteristics of the Goldendoodle dog breed, as well as resources to find a dog available for adoption.