Driving Simulator for Training and Research



Before you even set foot in a vehicle it is possible to get high quality driving skills training through Car Driving Simulator software. At a much more affordable price than the equivalent amount of real world driving lessons. From learning the basics of vehicle control to understanding traffic flow and interaction, a complete syllabus can be taught which also covers safety awareness, hazard perception and rules of the road. It is important to build up as many driving hours experience as possible in order to teach your brain the task automation skills – i.e. being so familiar with the physical actions of driving a car that you brain can perform them subconsciously. This is necessary in order to drive safely and for your higher brain function to be free to deal with navigation, observation and decision making.



Driving simulation can also safely let you practice in more difficult and complex driving situations such as on motorways, night driving, adverse weather conditions and emergency situations or hazard encounters. Along with a virtual instructor to train you on vehicle control and safety awareness, you will receive extensive assessment and constructive feedback in order to quickly master the necessary driving skills.


In the field of scientific research, a Driver Simulator for Training and Research is a valuable tool for creating behavioral experiments that are designed to study the human factors behind car driving. Experiments are devised by setting up scenarios within a virtual environment of road networks with exact management of all variables for complete experimental control.