Eco Friendly Jewelry

These days, many people are becoming more mindful of what products they use and even wear. Are the products you use environmentally friendly and safe? Do they promote the rights of animals, allowing them to live freely without cruelty or pollution? There is an online marketplace where you can buy clothing, jewelry, air fresheners for your car and more that are all made from eco-friendly and recycled materials. The website is Fiheroe, and some of the materials used in their products include gold, silver, turquoise, volcanic rock and organic cotton.

Do you use disposable air fresheners in your car? Did you know that those are not good for the environment? Fiheroe sells a Reusable Car Air Freshener that is not only eco-friendly, but they are stylish as well! You can show off your bling on your car vents with gold or silver elephant car fresheners. They have other styles to choose from as well. You can refill with the following scents: jasmine, lemon and ocean.

Their Eco Friendly Jewelry is available for men and women. They have bracelets, necklaces and a line of healing stone jewelry. They have volcanic rock bracelets for both men and women that not only has healing qualities, but you can drop a few drops of essential oil on the rock and it will last all day. They also sell organic cotton clothing that is unisex. If you are interested in helping our ecosystem while looking great at the same time, then visit their website today!