Elastic Tape



Tapes are used in almost every industry. Previously alternative to tapes where ropes, that were made from Jutes and other tree product. The problem with traditional ropes is, they were hard to woven and a lot of effort went in cutting that tress to get the fibers. Today nylon, polyester, and Kevlar are used instead. These fabrics are woven in strong flat tapes that are known as Webbing. One of the most versatile and important product in the outdoor industry, the fabric can be used as both decorative purposes as well as an alternative to traditional ropes.


The flattened ones are made in the form of straps that are used as seat belts, garments, shoes, bag packs, trampoline etc. If you look around you will find these strong straps in so many products. For home textiles usually use this fabric for decorations. There are two main kinds of tapes made from these fabrics. One is the non-elastic one and the other one is Elastic Tape. They are manufactured in different widths. One can get according to their preference.


The elastic ones are mainly used in medical sectors. They are tied on fractured parts of the body after an operation to heal the broken bone or tissue fast. As it is made of elastic there is no chance of the bone getting moved. Also, these Elastic Tapes are used in shoes, waistbands, and undergarments. So here is variety opened for you. It is up to you which one you need.