Emotional Intelligence

Do you know what emotional intelligence is? Not to be confused with intellectual intelligence, this is a person’s potential to be mindful of and manage their emotions, as well as identify and respond to other people’s emotions. Working on your emotional intelligence can strengthen both your personal and professional relationships. This is also known as your emotional quotient or EQ.

One of the components of having a high EQ is mindfulness. You must be able to identify your emotions and other’s emotions throughout the day and choosing to only focus on the positive. This approach is part of what is now referred to as positive psychology. This division of psychology focuses on how to help people work on actions, behaviors and thoughts that will help them to prosper and live the best life that they can. Studies have shown that showing gratitude towards others and performing acts of kindness can boost your happiness. Being happy can also help with your health, as happier people tend to have healthier hearts and stronger immune systems.

There are various ways that you can study more about boosting your EQ and the positive side of psychology. There are several books on both topics. There are exercises you can practice that will help you promote positive psychology. There are inspirational lectures and talks that you can attend either in person or online.  Furthermore, several online outlets as well as colleges provide online classes and courses on these topics. Most of these courses can be taken free of charge.