Fair Trade Home Decor



Millions of workers and farmers in developing countries are in deplorable working conditions, under payed and exploited. Child trafficking and exploitation is still taking place in these areas. The goal of Fair Trade Products is to end such abuse. When you purchase a product with the Fair Trade mark, you pay enough to ensure that workers are in safe conditions and are paid fairly and timely such that they can afford essentials like food, shelter, healthcare education and community development. Fair trade takes a tough stance on child trafficking and exploitation. They help developing countries do just that – develop. Their key goal is to help communities sustain future development and future protection of the environment. Workers support the environment by recycling, reusing, reducing and reclaiming products. Fair trade is currently helping millions of workers and farmers in developing countries maintain fair and safe working conditions, free of exploitation. They prevent and deter child trafficking and labor exploitation. They help sustain community development and improvement. They practice environmental stewardship.



Does that mean you are paying more for a product with the Fair Trade mark? No. We are able to maintain our reasonable prices by recycling, reusing, reducing and reclaiming of products. Nothing goes to waste. Our prices at Fair Trade Home Decor are competitive to other hand made products. We offer beautiful handmade napkins, house ware, decor, clothing, artwork and more.


Our products are hand made with caring hands committed to development and sustainability of our countries and communities. Check out our fine line of products at Fair Trade Home Decor today! And display your products proudly. Tell friends and family about the good deed of purchasing our fine products and encourage them to do the same.