Flashing Tools



As an android device owner, chances are that at some point you have heard about so called fastboot tools. If you are not a technical expert of an aficionado of android devices, you may have very well have been left thinking about what these things might be and why they might be useful. If you know nothing at all about what an Android Fastboot Tool is, but would like to know in plain and simple terms what these tools are, then you have come to the right place because we would like to give you a brief introduction about what these handy tools really do.


To give you just a brief definition in the most clear and simple possible terms, let us just say that an Android Fastboot Tool is a diagnostic tool, or protocol, as it is also often called, that can be used to boot your android device in fastboot mode. Once you are in fastboot tool, these Flashing Tools establish a communication pathway between your device and a computer through a USB connection. Another way to put is a piece of software that allows a computer and your device, a mobile phone for example, be able to communicate with each other.


Now, why is this useful? Well, while in fastboot mode you can easily change the file system images on your device to, for example, restore your device to factory settings without needing a specific key to sign, but if you attempt this, just make sure to be careful to avoid damages.