Flood Water Extraction



If you have carpet, you may think you’re doing an excellent job of keeping it clean by vacuuming and spot cleaning routinely. But did you know that bacteria, mites, pet dander and other particles can cling to carpet fibers and require a more intensive cleaning to remove? If you have pets, spot treatment alone may not be enough to get rid of those pesky odors and stains they leave behind. If your carpet has been water damaged by the rain, you will need a professional to perform flood water extraction in order to salvage as much of your carpet as possible.


Steam cleaners are available to purchase and rent and many people try to handle deep cleaning their carpet on their own, thinking it will be less expensive. However, it may turn out being costlier in the long run, if you damage your carpet or wear it down too soon and must get it replaced. Carpet cleaning should be done by a professional technician or cleaning service. They are trained in proper cleaning techniques to minimize carpet wear and clean efficiently.


A deep cleaning should be done at least once a year, and more often if you have children and pets. In addition to providing a deeper clean, consistent carpet cleaning will help your carpet last longer. Hot water extraction is the preferred deep cleaning method, because it can be done on all types of carpet. Hot water extraction also doesn’t leave behind as much residue as other cleaning methods, requiring carpet to be cleaned less.