France Student Travel




Studying abroad is a dream for many your people with wanderlust. Almost everyone has dreamed of going abroad, learning new languages and becoming a different person. Teenagers in particular benefit from this kind of experiences because they are at an age when their personalities are taking shape, when they are also learning to be more independent and self-reliant, so that any opportunity that allows them to practice these skills should be welcome. Studying abroad programs are much more than going to another country, meeting new people, and seeing the sights. This is why selecting a great destination is the first step to ensure a unique experience. France student travel is one of the most popular options.

Vistas in Education has been providing study abroad programs exclusively in France for many decades. Their Family Stay feature is not the same as typical Home Stay programs offered by other study abroad experiences. With Family Stay, VIE France places your student with a host family, only one foreign student per household to ensure proper immersion in the language and culture.

Moreover, the family is not compensated for their services, they do it because of their desire to share their language and culture. In addition, each family is required to have a teenage son or daughter where foreign students are staying so that he or she will feel welcome and right at home by having someone to talk to that is close to their age. This encourages communication and makes it a fun experience by placing them with their peers.