Stock procurement tends to be a monumental headache for small business owners like you, and even for large businesses alike. The first issue is where to source your suppliers, then you have to spend a good amount of time contacting as many of them as humanly possible for prices and conditions for all your different stocking needs. Later, there is worrying about the quality of their products, their variety, originality, innovation, and prices. Are they professional? Do they deliver on time? Are you receiving what they promised? When they do not, then you have to deal with all those different suppliers on your own to try and remedy the situation, all the while running your own business. Talk about time ill-spent! Surely, you have better things to do with your time and something has got to give. There must be a better way, a more professional way, of handling the procurement side of your business. Do not stay with a supplier you are not happy with! But, how can you source your kitchen cabinets, furniture hardware, and furniture fittings without this kind of hassle and with complete confidence in your supplier?




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