Gozo Nutritionist



If you are an athlete preparing and training for a big competition in your sport, or if you are a new mother or are trying to become pregnant in the near futures, or also if you suffer from a chronic condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cardiovascular disease, then you might be interested in reading what we have to say here. Have you considered consulting a qualified nutrition professional? Did you know that a nutritionist or dietitian could help you vastly improve your health, chronic condition, and your physical performance in sports? Yes, that is right! A qualified and licensed nutrition professional can do a lot more for your health and overall well being, far beyond weight management and dieting advice.


For instance, Manuel Attard, a qualified Gozo Dietitian can help you with creating a sound, scientific, and evidence based nutrition plan to help you sustain a healthy pregnancy, improve your chances of becoming pregnant, or have better nutrition for your baby if you are breast feeding. Remember that mothers to be and new mother alike need to make sure they are getting an adequate amount of key essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron and b vitamins, among others, for their own health as much as the health of their babies, so consulting an experienced Gozo Nutritionist, such as Manuel Attard, is always advisable. There are so many things qualified nutrition professionals can help with, that everyone should schedule a consultation to vastly improve their overall health.