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Whether you are skiing, boarding, skateboarding, hiking, camping or cozying up to the couch for a good movie, Hometown Hoodies are the right choice. Hometown Hoodies was started in the small town of Appleton, Wisconsin by young, active, patriotic entrepreneurs. They got their start by creating a product for a small town boutique but the dream and enthusiasm grew inside them. They wanted to provide well made, durable, comfortable hoodies that would stand up to any athletic activity yet still be stylish and show pride of the places people called home. And they did just that. They have taken a small town dream and systematically are turning it into their large goals. And what is the goal you may ask? It is to represent each of the 50 United States with stylish and comfortable clothing for the entire family. They are doing that by creating hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts with a simplistic, yet elegant outline of each state durably displayed on the front. These are a classy, soft, comfortable representation of your pride and love for your hometown and home state. It is a representation of your love for the United States of America.


Your home sweatshirt comes in numerous different styles. They offer colorblock, camo, solid colors, zip up and pullover styles. The handsome colorblock styles have color on the body with grey sleeves. This multi-color style provides exceptional accent and interest. The men’s shirts are tailored for men. The women’s shirts are tailored for women and the children’s shirts are tailored for children. For women, the shirts come with or without a hood. Women can also choose from one quarter zip styles. The sweat shirts feature kangaroo style pockets. The women’s pullovers and cosmetic hoodies are designed to withstand all stretching, jumping, running, climbing and lifting that goes along with being and athlete. The shirts have a simplistic, classy line drawing of the state you call home expertly centered on the front. All of these shirts are great for hiking, hanging or everything in between. They are well fitted yet soft and comfortable. The tri-blend t-shirts are durable and made to withstand a rigorous day of hiking or sporting. The Tailgate Hoodie has special surprises. It features a built-in koozie and a bottle opener so you will never be left with a warm or unopened drink!



When wearing these shirts, you will be displaying your pride for your home in a classy way, yet wearing a useful, durable shirt made to withstand your athletic, active, outdoor lifestyle. Whether you are scaling a mountain, backpacking the wilderness, skiing, boarding, biking, camping, tailgating or watching movies on the couch, these shirts will be your “go to” shirts. This is not only because of the comfort and durability they provided, but because of the representation of pride for home, state and country.


So shop the patriotic, durable, athlete withstanding shirts at Hometown Hoodies today. While shopping, should questions arise the folks at Hometown Hoodies can be easily reached through the website, by emailing [email protected] or by calling (920) 358-0098. The company prides itself with great customer service so if you call you will not get recordings and canned responses. They will custom make a shirt with your home state. In the rare occasion when they cannot answer the phone, simply leave a message and they will get back to you promptly. They want to speak to you and provide you with these lovely, patriotic shirts.