Homemade Face Care



If you have ever read the back of your favourite facewash, shampoo or moisturizer and were alarmed by the long list of strange chemical ingredients then you may be interested to find some Natural Beauty Tips. Using natural beauty products, either locally sourced from ethical organic suppliers or simply made at home in your own kitchen is becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. By using natural beauty products, you can cut down the number or inorganic chemicals and even petrochemicals which you are exposed to. Many people find these cause skin irritations or even break outs and the long-term effect of cumulative exposure is unknown. Another benefit to using natural beauty products is that there is no need for animal testing. Cruelty free products are hard to find as even when the product itself has not been testing on animals it is often the case that the individual components have been. Animal lovers may also be concerned about the environmental impact of their beauty products as harsh soaps, dyes and other additives can cause adverse effects on flora and fauna if they make their way into waterways or the ecosystem.


It’s easy to make your own Homemade Face Care using even just the simplest ingredients you can find in your kitchen pantry or fridge. For example, you can make a skin brightening face mask using plain natural yogurt. Add a few drops of natural organic honey or some lemon juice to ramp up the skin rejuvenating effects.