ICO List



Getting started with your first cryptocurrency investment is easy, simply sign up with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, deposit funds and trade your fiat currency for the cryptocoin of the future. If you want to hold on to your coins, hoping that they increase in value, you can download and install a digital wallet on your computer to be your own bank.



A more exciting and potentially lucrative option is investing directly in ICOs. This acronym stands for Initial Coin Offering, which is the name given to a type of crowdfunding project that supports the release of a new cryptocurrency coin. The team behind the new coin will issue a white paper and propose an ICO sale – whereby investor can donate funds towards the project and in return will be issued with a predetermined number of tokens for the new cryptocoin. The number of tokens received can be fixed to the amount invested or tied to the percentage of the total fund. The money raised by the ICO is then used to pay for development, exchange support and marketing – all of which contribute to the success and value of the coin.


A successful ICO can raise million of pounds for development of the coin, and reward investors with profits in excess of 1000%. There is no guarantee of success and a failed coin launch or even a fraudulent project could lose you your entire investment. In order to find and research upcoming ICO opportunities consult the ICO List found at Coin Market Plus.