Indoor Play Equipment



Physical activity, which is essential for the long term health and proper physical development of children, is becoming a very scarce commodity in our modern world, since cities do not usually offer the safety and spaces required to be conducive for children playing outside where they can be physically active. Worse still, the most popular games and toys for a majority of children keep them glued to a screen for hours at a time, with no physical activity at all. An alternative is to take children to the park to play, for example, or to make them participate in sports, but few parents have the time to do so, with their multiple work and home related responsibilities. In cases like these, what is the alternative then? Is there a way to keep young children active and engaged in stimulating play? In fact, there is a simple and safe way to afford children ample physical activity and play time. The answer is Quadro Play.



Quadro Play  has been a leader in the Indoor Play Equipment for children since 1976, building and manufacturing durable, high quality, and safe Children’s Climbing Frames and playground equipment for generations of children, from the youngest toddlers to teenagers. Their playground equipment is so durable that it can withstand over two tons of weight, so that any type of rough play represents no problem for these tough structures because they are built to last for generations. Best of all their design is versatile and flexible, allowing for multiple configurations.