Jack Simony



Are you looking for role models and inspiration to model your business career after? Maybe you are just getting your professional career in business or are currently making the switch into business and away from a previous professional field. If so, it is very likely that you might benefit from having all the guidance, motivation, and examples to assist you in navigated the complicated and competitive business world. If you are looking for guidance, there is no better individual for this job than Jack Simony. Mr. Simony serves as chairman of the board of the negotiation institute, a leading negotiation skills training center, which since 1966 has provided coaching, training, and consulting services to over one million and two hundred and fifty thousand individuals and organization around the globe. Some of their previous clients have included some of the most prestigious and well known corporations, business associations, governments, and even educational institutions.

Jack Simony is a successful business man, recognized for his excellent negotiation skills. This is why he personally oversees the course content of the seminars featured and offered by the negotiation institute. His passion for negotiation and business is visible, as he has previously declared the importance of knowing how to negotiate to make it in the business world of today. Mr. Simony is also frequently invited to participate as speaker and writer in countless conferences, seminars, and media around the world. He currently lives in the wonderful city of New York with his wife, and his children.