John Schneider Music



Should it be enough for you when you are a star of the successful TV show ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ and a prominent figure in the music industry? Well, John Schneider didn’t want to settle on that, instead, he moved to next step. He created a new platform for the young aspiring film producers out there to make films on a very limited budget at the John Schneider Studios. John Schneider Studios is a new project of John Schneider with the goal of providing a place for film producers to follow their dreams. The property where John Schneider Studios is located provides a perfect atmosphere and scenery to make films with a river and a swamp. Well, if you want to make movies about a swamp then might as well just start living next to a swamp.


Movies are not the only thing where John Schneider shines; he has a successful career in music as well. If you haven’t heard of John Schneider Music then make sure you head over to their official website where you can stream his music for free. If you want to know more about the movies that are being produced at the John Schneider Studios then, you can find all the information about them including the dates of their release. It steps in the right direction for the new film actors and director to pursue their dreams without being bothered by the tight budget because that won’t be an issue.