Joovy Scooter X2




If you are a parent of two children looking to buy a double stroller, perhaps your first instinct is to ask around among your friends, acquaintances and family members for recommendations on the best double stroller. With almost absolute certainty, every person will give you a different answer, leaving you exactly as you were before: without an exact idea of which double stroller is best for you. However, this is to be expected, for there is no absolute best double stroller. It is all relative to your and your children’s specific needs. Some parents need an all terrain stroller, some do not. Some parents require a bigger, more spacious stroller for larger children and for some size is not a concern. So, in essence, this is a choice that should be based on your requirements and not necessarily on word of mouth recommendations. As a general rule, there are a few features that should be prominent in your decision making process. In no particular order, these are: The size and ease of management of the stroller. Consider how heavy it is and how much spaces it requires to be stored away. Also, it should move easily. Another characteristic is, of course, safety. Your double stroller should be stable, with durable wheels and precise breaks, as well as seat belts. Another consideration is choosing among different seating options.



The most popular are side to side or stadium style. On the former, the seats are placed one next to the other and on the former, one seat is in the front and the other right behind it. What are you waiting for? Visit us at