Kids Dirt Bikes



If you want to encourage your kids to get outside and explore the countryside, a great option to promote their sense of adventure is with Kids ATVs or Kids Dirt Bikes. These miniaturized vehicles offer a way for your kids to travel off the roads and can be ridden without a licence by children from 10 years and younger.



Modern off-road vehicles which are specifically designed for kids feature the maximum safety features including speed-limits, bigger breaks, easy controls and stability handling. You should also make sure your kids have good quality safety clothing and headgear, at a minimum a properly fitted motorbike helmet should be worn. As long as your kids have adequate training and respect their vehicles to ensure they ride within their abilities, they can enjoy an adrenaline filled outdoor escapade.


There are a few key differences between Kids Dirt Bikes and Kids ATVs which you should consider when choosing which option best suits your needs. Dirt Bikes are cheaper, lighter and generally thought to be safer. If you have a lot of single-track trails they would be better suited to this terrain than a wider less maneuverable ATV. They also offer the opportunity for your kid to join a dirt bike racing league – so if they are in any way competitive or enjoy motor sports this would be a great buy for them. Kids ATVs however are easier to start riding straight away and their four-wheel drive means they can traverse more difficult and steep terrain.