Laferrari Aperta Specs



What can $1.7 million get you? Perhaps your answer is a lot of things! A house, a car, vacations around the world, you name it $1.7 million is a fortune to most people. What would you say if we told you that $1.7 million is precisely the rumored LaFerrari Aperta Price? As far as luxury cars go, it does seem like an appropriate price tag for all the amazing LaFerrari aperta Specs the lucky driver of this magnificent piece of engineering and design feat gets. The LaFerrari Aperta boosts an impressive, sleek, futuristic look when you first lay your eyes upon it. Despite this look, it still manages to retain the classically identifiable look of a Ferrari. How they do it is not known, but they manage to do it. Even though it is a convertible, it retains the same aerodynamic capabilities as a classic coupé.

This was in fact one of the first challenges the team of engineers and designers faced. How to preserve the aerodynamic features in a convertible, even if it is driven with the top down and have it perform aerodynamically as if it was a coupé? The answer to this problem was to install an angled wind-stop positioned right behind the driver to divert the air that enters the cabin and lead it out between the seats. This way, the car does not lose any of the typical Ferrari coupé aerodynamic qualities.

The LaFerrari Aperta is truly a unique design and engineering wonder.