Landscape Contractor



Landscaping needs can occur for a variety of reasons. A landscape might need to function as private hideout or functional communal space. An individual might need to landscape to improve the look of there property or to remove dead plant material. The reasons are bountiful but the reason that interests skilled Landscape Designer, Lindsey Zero, is the need to create beauty in the greater Santa Barbara area. Silver Leaf is a company that takes pride in being able meet its clients wherever they are in their project vision to help fill all of their necessary needs. Landscaping is a functional tool as well as a true trade that requires experienced workers, time and commitment.  By definition, this requires the complete involvement of both parties to ensure that functionality and vision can meet somewhere in the middle. Silver leaf is a driven company that guarantees the best work in the Santa Barbara area on every project that they take on. Landscape Contractor, Lindsey Zero, is not only the owner of the company but an expert in his field, providing a service to the people through consultations, planning and of course having an unwavering vision of beauty in every landscape.



Silver leaf is ran on a basis of versatility, offering services that can comply with the mass majority of landscaping projects. Just like a trusted friend, Silver leaf is with their clients every step of the way. Lindsey Zero is a relatively experienced Landscape Designer who has traveled with his work. He and his team can provide design services that can make the design process simple and productive.These services start with conceptual plans and plant plotting. Silver leaf will extend an arm in construction or permit documents for agency approval. They can help with making sure you understand the financial aspect of any project of this nature. Silver leaf does this by providing budgets and estimates for the clients explained vision. For smaller projects, Silver leaf can offer personalized guidance on Landscape Design. Lindsey Zero (Landscape Contractor) owns a company that is not limited to the task of design with a variety of different construction services offered and executed. If your dream yard requires something as simple as irrigation maintenance or rework, than we can help. Perhaps however, the overall vision that a client has for their project requires something special like a cozy fire pit, dazzling water feature, or custom stone masonry. These tasks are easy for a craftsman at Silver Leaf.


Landscape Contracting is not simply rearranging garden plants. By manys definition it is designing a landscape into a work of art that makes you feel at home. Lindsey Zero is confident in his ability to stay attentive to the details, but also be able to see the big picture in hopes of creating a stunning finished project. His services are available in the Santa Barbara area. This includes the areas of Goleta, Ventura, Hope Ranch, and Montecito. Lindsey is certified as an ISA Arborist and a licensed Landscape Contractor. The work that Silver Leaf Landscapes provides is of professional grade. It takes this type of experience to bring a level of sophistication to any size project. Silver Leaf Landscapes invites its clients to share their needs and help them to make sure that they are met.