Laundry Chute Fire Damper



For any responsible homeowner, there are certain precautionary measures that he/she has to keep in check. If your house or building has a trash or laundry chute door, and there is a fire in the disposal area, the fire will try to reach the higher ground due to the tunneling effect. If you have residents living in your building or house then it can be very dangerous. This is where Fusible Link Trash Chute comes in, they are installed on your discharge door and whenever there is a fire, the heat will cause it to melt and it’ll jam the door so that fire won’t reach the upper stories. It is absolutely mandatory for houses and buildings to have a fusible link attached to their discharge door.



According to law, you are required to have a 165 degree long fusible link on your discharge door. Some people ignore it due to lack of responsibility, which can lead to some serious problems. It is also necessary for you to keep checking your Laundry Chute Fire Damper or fusible link on your discharge door because they are bound to get rusty over the course of time. You can easily replace with very little expense, as well as you can install them by yourself. If you are not the technical person, you can hire someone else to do the job for you. Check your fusible link on your discharge door from time to time, so it can prevent the fire from spreading to higher ground.