Lawn Care Philadelphia



Have you noticed that your grass feels like it is always wet and mushy? It is very likely that, unless you are a professional gardener or a very knowledgeable aficionado, you might not know that this can be a serious problem that can even damage the foundations of your home. When your lawn looks like it is wet all the time and mushy when you step on it, it can be a sing of improper grading. This means that water pool under your lawn and does not drain as it should. If this collected body of water runs toward the foundation of your house, it could damage them, causing the need for serious repairs. All because of pooled water in your lawn! Fortunately, you can prevent all of this in a way that is a lot less invasive that meddling with the foundations of your home and definitely a lot less expensive and less stressful. How? With the assistance of Philadelphia Landscaping, the leading Residential landscaping Philadelphia service providers. If the grading on your lawn is not done correctly, then water pools underneath it. The first step to correct it is to choose a professional lawn care and landscaping service to really fix the problem once and for all. With Philadelphia Landscaping your satisfaction is guaranteed, for all their technicians are certified, bonded, and insured. They are experienced and true experts in their area, so you can rest assured they will get the job done promptly, with excellent quality, and with minimal time. Your faulty grading problem can be easily handled in the expert hands of the team of professionals at Philadelphia Landscaping.


Philadelphia Landscaping can fix this issue by first draining the water that has already collected underneath your lawn and then work to correct the grading, so that this problem does not resurface again and water does not collect, but instead drains as it should. Once this is done, you might want to consider giving your lawn a little TLC to help it recover from being drowned in water. Ask the technicians at Philadelphia Landscaping about their Lawn Care Philadelphia services. You will be amazed by the wide range of services they are able to offer, all tailored to the most popular requests from their customers. For example, if your garden or lawn needs more constant care, you can request the most complete package you will find in the market, their one year round service, which takes care of your lawn all year round, through the changing seasons to keep it well cared for and looking its best all year long. If instead you would like something much more seasonal, you can also hire their services specifically for the required task at hand, such as clean up and raking of fallen leaves and broken branches that may be littering your garden or lawn, and even to have the plant new annuals and take care of your perennials. With Philadelphia Landscape, the sky is the limit, so go ahead, call and ask.