Lice Removal



When faced with a lice infestation, many parents hurriedly try to solve the problem, as quietly as possible, as if keeping a closely guarder secret. This usually happens because many parents feel ashamed that their children would ever have lice, typically associating a lice infestation to dirty living conditions and a lack of basic hygiene. Well, although a lack of hygiene can certainly invite unwanted guests such as lice and other pests, the reverse argument has no truth at all. In other words, it is a mistake to associate a lice problem with dirty living conditions. It is simply not true. The real culprits are lice. They are parasites, experts at thriving and surviving at the expense of their host. And, of course, their hosts are usually the heads of children. Since their survival is dependent upon their ability to find new hosts, lice lurk everywhere, even as nits, for they can stay dormant until they find a new host. In addition to this, they are also incredibly prolific, reproducing themselves at an alarming rate and laying new eggs, also known as nits. This, of course, compounds the problem even more because lice continue to reproduce and populate the heads of children, which can make controlling the problem a very difficult task. If on top of this you add the secrecy and shame with which so many parents try to solve the issue, it  becomes easy to understand why solving the problem can take longer than necessary.



This is why many parents first try over the counter lice treatments or even home remedies, which are often expensive and ineffective, click here for better options. Some popular products include medicated shampoos, soaps, and creams, but more often than note they require more than one application, which can add to the expense and wait time to solve the issue definitively. Worst of all, these products often contain noxious substances that can even be toxic to children. This is the reason why their application is so difficult and annoying because they cause itchiness, redness, and usually have a terrible smell. If you look at the label of these products you will find out why this is so. Most of them contain a substance known as permethrin, which is a powerful insecticide that some scientific studies have found to be a carcinogenic! On top of that, due to their popularity, the surviving lice have developed a resistance to permethrin, which makes it less effective in removing lice, so why would any parent choose to apply a dangerous substance to their child, especially when this substance is not even guaranteed to be effective?


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