Locked Laundry Chute Door Latch



Having a centralized garbage collection system is always one of the best things that you can imagine in a commercial building. But having the system in your building adds some of the extra responsibilities to your regular routine as well. It is really good to have a centralized but since the system collects all the trash items from various parts of the building the load that gets accumulated is really huge. So, unless you make sure to clean them on a regular basis, it might cause pollution and dirt in the building.



This is where the importance of having Locked Trash Chute Handle comes in. These handles make sure that all the dirt and pollution stay away from the floors as soon as you lock up the chute door. So, even if the system is cleaned everyday or on a regular basis, your chutes will not spread any dirt, pollution or smell of any kind. So, you need to choose the best quality chute handle for the trash intake doors, but make sure to check the NFPA certificate and you can trust the brand.


Laundry chutes are pretty similar like the trash chutes. The main difference is that these are used in a residential building or in the hotels and the trash chutes can be used any big complex. Although with the laundry system there are no chance getting your floors polluted but having a Locked Laundry Chute Door Latch attached to your intake doors might come handy when you are in a hurry. It makes it easier to open and close the door quickly and also keeps the intake areas clean.