Media Maison



Controlling information in the press, online and any public forum in respect of a business, individual or other entity is known as Public Relations (PR). This will include both press in traditional print media such as newspapers and magazines and digital content on the internet such as that found on online news and lifestyles sites, blogs and social media. Whilst PR is mostly concerned with the organic or unpaid distribution of information, the practice works cooperatively with paid mediums such as advertising, marketing campaigns, product design and branding. In fact, a PR strategy is essential to organise and maximise the benefit of any money spent on these types of promotion.



Whether you are a celebrity on the cusp of international superstardom and need to manage your image, or brilliant designers in need of press coverage to promote your inventions and attract investment and sales, a PR team can guide you through writing a press release, media interviews and event planning.


Media Maison is a New York based PR agency with a creative, honest and hard-working team offering the whole package of PR and marketing expertise. They link together the fields of marketing, public relations, branding and digital media advertising in order to design campaigns and management strategies that get effective results. With crucial contacts across print and online media outlets they can leverage their hard-won industry links to work the media for their clients benefit. Promoting themselves as honest and established they offer a unique service to handle your PR needs.