Medical Cannabis



Medicines made out of cannabis are highly recommended by neurological departments these days. Experiments have shown that the medicines can do wonders for your health. But what is the plant all about? This cannabis plant contains more than 100 varieties of chemicals known as cannabinoids. The main 2 chemicals that are used in the medicine are CBD and THC. The fact is when the percentage of THC is more than CBD; people get that ‘high’ feeling. So the medicine should have a good balance of both the components.



The common diseases that Medical Cannabis can treat are digestion, glaucoma, Alzheimer, cancer, weight gain and mental health such as excessive stress and schizophrenia. Apart from the above-mentioned problems, this plant can give relief to excessive pains caused by different diseases. This includes muscle spasms, nausea, chronic pain, chemotherapy pains etc. One of the modern research states that cannabis can kill the cancer cells that are growing in the first level. It has amazing post-therapy benefits such as it helps to control drastic weight loss caused due to cancer & AIDS.


Sold in almost every part of the world, this drug is not available at every local medical store. Only a few registered and licensed retailers can produce and sell marijuana. Before ordering one needs to provide their medical prescription that is given by a renowned doctor or clinic. There is different Medical Cannabis Canada store selling the medicines but you need to choose the one that has been selling this medicine for years.