There was a time when you had to search for the address of a certain shop if you wanted to buy something from there. Now, the internet has taken care of that by providing really feasible shopping services. You don’t have to go anywhere now, you can sit in your favorite pajamas in the middle of the night and just order something from the internet. However, you might not find a physical address for those online shops, but there’s IP Address that leads back to that place. If you want to know your IP address, you can simply find that out by going to My-IP‘s website and get it for free.


However, your IP address can be easily changed by your ISP, if you contact them. You can also get all the activity you have done on the internet by that specific IP address, if you are planning on changing your IP address, you can restart your Wi-Fi router and it’ll refresh on its own. Your IP address will not be the same every day, sometimes it changes on its own.


For example, if you are using the network of a Coffee shop or your school, then your IP address will be different from the one you have at home. If you want to find out your accurate IP address without giving your credit card information to a third party software, then all you need to do is go to My-IP’s website and you will be presented with your current IP address on the front page.