Myles Elgaard Acting



Gina Elgaard and Ray Elgaaard are the proud parents of Myles Elgaard, who was born on 12th February 1994 in Canada. He is an Actor by profession and has been working in short films like Sibling Pressure, Dirty Cop Secrets, and Titan’s Gym. He also got the chance to play the character Nolan in the TV series, The Nightmare Gate Box. Although, he is now a well-known actor, but the truth is, his career did not start like this. He was initially a football player and he was really good at it, so good that he owned the Outstanding Linemen Award thrice out of the 4 years that he played for the team.



After completing his school, he started studying Criminal Justice and eventually became a police Officer at the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Although he served for only 2 years as a police officer but within that time he achieved an award “Commendable Action” when he saved a person who was about to commit suicide. But soon after he left his job and started his career in the field of acting.


Very soon he discovered his potential in the field of acting and he decided to join 1 Media Productions Acting Academy to learn the art of acting in a better way. He then joined Screen Actors Guild union and since then he has been a star in this field and slowly but steadily, he is consolidating his place in the industry. So, that is all you need to know about Myles Elgaard.