Property Management in Omaha



Building or constructing residential and commercial properties is carried out by teams of different professionals and tradesmen. Before any bricks can be laid though, an extensive planning and design process which involves, architects and builders drawing up blueprints, getting planning, zoning and building regulation approval needs to be completed. The project begins with drawing up your building designs, whether this is your classic cliché of a sketch on the back of an envelope or something more serious in the form of a professional blueprints drawn up by a surveyor and architect firm is up to you. If you are planning a large-scale project, it is a wise move to employ a project manager to take care of the running of your site and sure that everything runs to budget and on time. This can even save you money as you can take advantage of the project managers expertise and save money on time and materials. They will be able to deal with all the technical, logistically and administrative elements of your build from start to finish including; obtaining planning permission and any other required building approvals, ensuring that all environmental, waste health and safety legislation is adhered to, making sure that the site is run professional and provides a safe working environment for all your building tradesmen, they will deal with the employment and scheduling or tradesmen and plan the logistics and scheduling so that the individual jobs are carried out in the right order in the most efficient manner. They can also be used to keep a tight handle on the budget and ensure that the project timescale doesn’t overrun.



Of the various Construction Companies in Omaha, B Douglas Constructions stands out for their expertise and experienced across a wide-range of building types both residential and commercial, along with their honest and trustworthy family-orientated reputation. The company is managed by husband and wife team Bryan and Dawn Douglas. They provide building services for all styles of residential properties including Apartments, Condominiums, Luxury Mansions, Villas, Townhouses, single story houses and town-houses. Their commercial building repertoire includes sports and gym facilities, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, office spaces, warehouses, factories and medical facilities. Construction projects ranging from bit to small are catered with their extensive building skills they offer; demolition, remodeling, home building, repair, redecoration, home remodeling, home renovation, kitchen and bathroom installation. Bryan Douglas is an experiences constructor who also have an extensive background in event and property managements. Together with his wife, Dawn – who herself is an experienced licensed realtor, they have run B Douglas Construction for the past 4 years.



A unique aspect to B Douglas Construction is that as well as their expertise in building construction they are able to help you manage your property once construction is completed. They have experience in letting, building management, energy-saving technology and even waste management. By offering Property Management in Omaha on top of their building construction services they have the complete package, you can rely on their knowledge and experience.