Publish a Book



It is a common belief amongst most of the writers that publishing a book is really a hectic matter. Indeed this is true unless you are going to Publish a Book of your own. Yes! You can publish your book of your own but to do that you need to choose a proper publisher first.


While choosing a publisher you need to be really careful and think about your profit only. Yes this is really important that you value your writing the most and look forward to the fact that your publisher does the same. To do that you need to make sure you have total control over your publishing. From choosing the cover of the book to the editing work, everything must be under your control.



Apart from that you need to bargain on the royalty amount as well. Normally you will be offered something between 10 – 30 percent. But since you are going for Self-publishing you can stick to at least 40 % of royalty.


Also, while assigning them with the job of printing, make sure you talk about the time required for the whole process.  But you need to understand that this procedure takes a lot of time. Every page must be first proof read, then edited and then only will be passed on for printing. So this takes a lot of time, but still you can always ask for a time frame from the publisher. So, in case you are ready with all these, choose your publisher and get started with your dream project.