How well informed are you about your retirement options? Are you truly proactive about managing your pension fund? If you are not yet retired or only recently retired you may think there is still plenty of time before starting to look into this matter with more detail, or maybe you just trust that your pension management fund will do what it is supposed to do, but, do you remember the 2008 financial crisis? Many people lost their entire pensions! How about taxes? Do you know how these can affect your investment? If you are not up to date in your retirement fund’s performance, retirement age is nearing and you are planning on moving abroad, perhaps you should consider contacting a pension transfer specialist to see the portfolio of options available in your individual case. They will be happy to answer all your questions and doubts about the process. Be sure to ask them about the Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme, or QROPS. This is an option that is suitable for those former workers who amassed their pension funds in the United Kingdom, but are living abroad by their retirement. It does not matter whether you are a citizen or an immigrant.



A QROPS also has the added benefit of getting your investment out of the United Kingdom tax system and transferred to the country where you now live. They are experts at helping retirees move their accounts offshore legally and with all the needed guarantees to safeguard your financial future.