Ron Perelman



In his long and prosperous career as a business man and a consummate deal maker, he has managed to amass a significant personal fortune and an impressive career in the highest spheres of finance and in the business world. With an estimated net worth that oscillates between twelve to seventeen billion dollars, depending on the source, Ronald Perelman is one of the best known people among high powered investors. He got his start early, often accompanying his father to witness board meetings when he was still a young child. Later, he attended the world renowned Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania and obtained a degree in Business. Soon after, he also obtained a Master’s Degree. While still a freshman at Wharton Business School, together with his father, he made his first deal, buying a failing brewery which he sold a year later for a substantial profit.


In fact, Ron Perelman is recognized for his special skill in the buyout business. He seems to have an uncanny ability and particular talent at identifying and buying failing business, which he is then able to recover and sell to interested investors for considerable profits. Undoubtedly, this is the secret to his success. Some of his business ventures and investment projects include the cosmetic mammoth, Revlon, the maker of Humvees, AM General, Deluxe Entertainment, a production studio, and even considerable investments in the restaurant industry. He is also a generous philanthropist to many worthy  causes, from the arts to education.