Run Away From Bad Roommates



Are you ready for independent living away your parent’s home? Do you feel like you are finally ready to go out on your own? Perhaps you want to move far away from home. Perhaps you want to stay close to home. Regardless, this is your time to shine. You need to move out of your parents house. What if you alone do not yet have the money to pay for an apartment or purchase a home? Friends with Beds can help. On their web site you can be matched with friends who have inexpensive beds available.  You can choose beds available based upon your preferences. Friends with Beds lets you pick characteristics of your new roommates; things like “book nerds” or “university educated” or your perspective roommates age range can help you pick someone with whom you will be compatible. Further, the website is safe; so much so that none of the pages can be screen scraped.


Are you trying to run away from bad roommates? Does your current roommate make you crazy? Is he or she a slob? Is his or her snoring keeping you awake at night?  Friends with Beds can help. Even if you only need a break for one or two nights, you can hook up with a friend with a bed. Who knows? You may decide to make your new temporary living situation more permanent. Perhaps after a short break from your slobby, snoring roommate you will make you miss your apartment and your roommate and go back home. So contact Friends with Beds today and enjoy your new living situation.