Sacred Plant Dieta



Do you feel like there is something in your life you would need to change to make you feel truly satisfied, happy, and eager for new experiences in your own life? Perhaps it is something dating back to several years before in your life, maybe is something more mundane as the daily tasks you must confront with on a daily basis. Whatever it might be, it is always recommended to tackle the issue and solve it before it starts to eat away at your happiness and well being. But doing so is easier said than done, unless you have the assistance and guidance conducive  to true self discovery and introspection. This is why today we would like to talk about aya healing retreats and their transformative Ayahuasca retreats in Peru such as the Master Plant Dieta.



With their Ayahuasca retreats such as the Sacred Plant Dieta, aya healing retreats seeks to  afford you the rare opportunity to change your perspective in life and focus only on what really matters to you, learning to discard all the little distractors and small issues that may come up day to day. They achieve this by providing the tools and experience assistance and by incorporating the ancient wisdom of the culture of Peru. This is done right in the heart of the Amazon jungle, in their sui sui center, named after a native bird to the area. The sui sui center is situated right on the bank of the Lake Cashibocacha, surrounded by nature, so that you can focus on what needs to change to make you enjoy life again.