Servidor Dedicado



In the age of the internet, most companies now are online, and many work across sites spread across the country or even the globe. In order to connect companies and also to efficiently run their computer networks and business software business nowadays use large-scale facility’s known as data centres. These can be anything from a single PC on a local intranet which is used for shared storage space, although really this is the lowest level since it would not be really reliable and strictly a computer server should be running as near to 24 hours as day as standard. To a huge custom designed warehouse type facility housing banks of specialised computer processors, with cooling and monitoring apparatus, high speed internet connections, reliable and uninterruptible power supplies and also sufficient security measures. You can sometimes spot them in business parts of off motorway junctions, humming factories with very little human presence.


What type of people would use a data centre? Well almost any large company and even most government departments have need for off-site storage, storage backups and processing power to run software that needs to do multiple computations. These larger organisations will tend to build their own facilities, but there is also the option to hire Servidores Dedicados dedicated servers from companies that run huge data centers such as Severis data centre services. Severis data centre services is the best provider of dedicated services in Mexico. Promising faster, more powerful and cheaper processing power than many rivals including those who only can offer cloud or virtual services. With Serveris data centre you are using a dedicated provider who will give you the full resources of a single server, which are not shared with anyone else, so you know there will be no interference or slowing down or your connection. Of course, this then leads to much better performance and you are better security protection. With cloud or virtual service s you don’t know that you aren’t sharing space with a malicious website, a spammer or worse.


A dedicated server is essential If you company is going to be handling sensitive transactions or data. A dedicated server also means that you can have complete flexibility in choose the server setup – you can adapt the CPU, memory, RAM and software. If you are using your server for website hosting a dedicated server is necessary to have your own unique IP address, this is important if you are running ecommerce store and processing financial transactions or for anyone as sharing your IP address could affect your websites SEO rank. Contracting Serveris data centres for your Servidor Dedicado, dedicated server is also extremely cost effective. You don’t need to invest capital or take out a loan to fund expensive equipment or pay for staff to maintain it. You can take advantage of the economies of scale, keep a lower overhead and save money by only paying for the resources that you need. Whatever your needs serveris data centre services staff are knowledge, friendly and have a wealth of experience.