Steven Rattner



As a journalist, Steve Rattner is a regular contributor for major news outlets such as the New York Times and MSNBC. He is widely  known for his ample repertoire of articles and pieces about economic and political policies and implications. In these days of political and economic uncertainty, having a reliable source to keep you well informed and up to date is essential, but not just any news source can be reliable as you surely know. If you are going to dedicate any of your time and effort to learn about current affairs, trust only those who truly know what they are talking about.

Steven Rattner has proven to have the political wit and economic knowledge to be a reliable news source. Many people today talk about the potential repealing and replacement of the Affordable Care Act without much substance, but Mr. Rattner has a clear thesis: many millions of Americans have been added to health insurance. The funds to finance this larger health care insurance costs come mainly from taxes. Therefore, repealing the Affordable Care Act leaves no alternative to finance this health care insurance scheme. But, the Affordable Care Act also helps lower income individuals in a disproportionate manner.

Whether you agree with him or no, his thesis is clear and well-argued, which is precisely what you need to look for in news source. To agree or not with their opinions is then up to you to argue with better informed alternatives and based on facts, not rumors.