Ultralight Backpacks



What is ultralight backpacking? Why should you hike with an ultralight backpack? The answer most ultralight hikers give is, it’s simply more fun, they feel free, close to nature, and enjoy not having a heavy pack. Ultralight backpacking is not fast packing or covering as many miles as possible. It’s about hiking at the pace you comfortably enjoy. Having less weight on your back means you can hike farther if you like, at the end of any day you will feel stronger and more refreshed, your feet and legs will feel better. Many people are forced to carry ultralight backpacks due to age and injuries but more and more young backpackers are discovering the common sense of having a lighter pack. Think of the freedom you will feel with a daypack, you can have that same feeling on overnight trips. All backpackers are concerned about comfort, safety, and cost of equipment. Switching to a lighter piece of gear doesn’t mean giving up comfort. For instance, you might be carrying a pocket knife that weighs 5 ounces, the chances are you are not really using that knife for any heavy tasks, so why not carry a quality knife that weighs less than one ounce with a tiny change, you’re lighter without giving up comfort.

If you can reduce volume as well as weight, you can use an ultralight backpack, a smaller frame-less pack is more convenient to bring inside your tent. You don’t need to compromise safety to pack light, one of the first things you will notice with a light pack is that you’re agiler and you can cover more miles if needed. Some of the Ultralight Backpack Equipment cost less than their heavier counterparts, your pack can be less expensive because it’s the smaller version of a series of things. Things like your knife, flashlight, compass, and stove can be smaller, cheaper with full-functioning versions.  Planning is the core of ultralight backpacking; planning helps you avoid last-minute packing. Often you grab those last few hurried things before you leave home like unnecessary clothing add extra pounds to your backpack. There will be some expense to make these changes, but you will enjoy the advantages forever. For some people, it can be an actual saving because the first thing you will do is quite buying and carrying ‘cool’ things you really don’t need. It’s easy to walk through a backpacking store and grab items than carrying around a 70-pound pack, resist the urge. You can also buy all the necessary ultralight gears at the online store of GetBackPacking365, they have all the relevant and high-quality items that you’d be using during your hike. So, make sure you visit their store, it sometimes helps jog your memory to buy some of the important gear once you see all the items laid out in front of you, so you can quickly grab them and won’t regret it during your hike.