Untraceable Cryptocurrency



Every day more and more bitcoin users are popping up throughout the globe with the recent ‘bubble’. Many novice people in the bitcoin market seem to forget that their transactions are not completely anonymous. Every transaction you make, whether you use several bitcoin wallets, all your information will be stored in the public domain known as Blockchain. Blockchain holds the record of every bitcoin transaction that you make for a public display. If you fear that the government or any other spying agency has been snooping around in your finances, it is time for you secure your bitcoins through precautionary measures. Usually, people try to change their address every time they make a transaction, it is considered to be a safe method, but if you have bought bitcoins from a popular retailer by providing your real name and bank information then it is more than likely that anyone can find that information through your bitcoin address. For instance, if you have made a public forum where you have given out your bitcoin address for donations, it is obvious that your address is no longer anonymous. When dealing with bitcoins, anonymity is the most important factor that many people overlook. Although it is possible that your already exposed address can be anonymized again, by sending your amount to a mixer, that mixer will shuffle your address through several addresses and will return your amount to a new secure address, minus their fees.

Despite all the risk factors, the idea of owning completely anonymous cryptocurrency is not impossible. If you are new to the bitcoin network then it is advised to head over to the Deep Onion website, they have been providing their valuable client with untraceable cryptocurrency. You can use that currency on whatever you want without anyone snooping around in your business. Their most notable feature might be the DeepVault, DeepVault is essentially the information bank, and you can save your important documents deep within the core of blockchain and it will stay there till the end of life. Storing your documents in the DeepVault is the same as you have put your documents in a chest and buried it in middle of desert where no one can reach except you. Another most notable feature of the DeepOnion is the DeepSend, DeepSend is the most beneficial tool when it comes to keeping your transactions anonymous. You can send or receive any amount of DeepOnions without anyone knowing about it. DeepSend is essentially a new tool by DeepOnion but their team of experts has been testing it out with the latest technology and taking some help from the bitcoin experts. Every single one of the experts have claimed that DeepSend is by the far the most valuable and untraceable tool that could keep your information safe and secured. If you have some questions about DeepOnion, feel free to head over to their website, as they have displayed all the relevant information on their front page.